LAUNCH Reloaded - Watermelon

LAUNCH Reloaded - Watermelon


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Fuel The Drive

  • Promotes explosive energy*
  • Supports repair, recovery & muscle growth*
  • Better reps & strength gains*
  • Powerfully strong pre-workout formula*

LAUNCH® 4350 RELOADED is an ultra-concentrated, strong pre-workout formula that packs a full 4,350 mg of psychoactive ingredients designed to give you better workouts and improved performance. LAUNCH® 4350 RELOADED was specifically formulated to strengthen workout intensity, increase mind-muscle connection and generate explosive drive! It amplifies the muscle building, fat destroying effects of your workouts. LAUNCH® 4350 RELOADED was created for the truly driven muscle-hungry athlete like you!*

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine combats fatigue during intense workouts and promotes a sense of euphoria. A study on military personnel showed that it relieved stress while simultaneously keeping the soldiers more alert.

Caffeine Anhydrous [Natural] fights off fatigue and drowsiness with an energizing effect while promoting many workout-enhancing effects, including increased alertness, euphoria, attention span, muscle contractions, vasodilatation, oxygenation, nutrient flow, bronchial opening, fat burning. and muscle pumps.

CDP – Cognix™ [Cytidine-5’-diphosphocholine]
supports healthy levels of acetylcholine and dopamine which support energy metabolism in the brain and cerebral blood flow for improved mental focus and drive.

DMAE [Dimethylaminoethanol] promotes alertness, physical energy, mood, memory, learning, intelligence, and verbal fluency. DMAE may also support acetylcholine levels, leading to improved muscle tone.

HCL [B-Phenylethylamine] helps maintain mood, mental alertness, focus, and concentration, so nothing can distract you from your workouts.

Citrus Reticulata Extract [Fruit][Std. To N-Methyltyramine Alkaloid] supports an increased thermogenic response as well as lipolysis (breakdown of lipids/fats) throughout your workout sessions, so you’re burning fat while building your new body.

Theobroma Cacao L. [Std. To N-Comaronyl-Dopa] has been shown to exhibit potent beta 2-adrenoceptor agonist (activating) properties. When activated, this receptor is known to support lean muscle growth along with fat burning. Other Studies show that the activation of this receptor may support cAMP levels (indirectly) which might be the reason the scientists noted a decrease in muscle catabolism (breakdown). Even more important, this nutrient may also help support heart health.